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A1 Comic

A1 Comic
Name: A1
Alternate Name: A1 2013
Year of Release: 2013
Author: Dave Elliott
Views: 834

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The worlds of Earth, Wonderland, OZ, Neverland, Mars, Pellucidar and Elysium collide like never before -- and Alice of Wonderland is trapped in the middle!Alice has grown up in the shadow of the Wild Woods, a place filled with mysterious portals to other worlds, through which all manner of creatures spill. Now Alice and her allies must protect the Weirding Willows from those who would invade them -- as well as face the deadly problems brewing at home! From Frankensteins Monster to Doctor Moreau, the Wicked Witch to Mowgli, the Weirding Willows are filled with familiar faces -- like youve never seen them before!

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