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Read All-American Comics (1939) comic online

All-American Comics (1939) Comic

All-American Comics (1939) Comic
Name: All-American Comics (1939)
Alternate Name: All-American Comics (1939) 1948
Year of Release: 1948
Author: A.W. Nugent, Al Smith, Carl H.Claudy, Edwina Dumm, Fontaine Fox, Gene Byrnes, Jay Jerome Williams, Jerry Siegel, Jon L. Blummer, Loring Dowst, Lt. Richard Rick, Percy Crosby, Sheldon Mayer
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Read All-American Comics (1939) Comic Online

Canal Zone Intrigue, art by William Smith; Three old pals in the military service from Oakville reunite, they believe, to save Doris West, not realizing that she is a G-2 agent for the United States Secret Service, who is on the trail of a ring buying U.S. military secrets. Mutt and Jeff strips by Al Smith [as Bud Fisher]. Reglar Fellers strips by Gene Byrnes. Hop Leaves the Farm, script and art by Jon L. Blummer [as Jon Elby]; Having lost his fathers farm, Hop jumps into a Flying Jenny and lands at an air field, meeting two people destined to be life-long friends. Untitled Scribbly story, script and art by Sheldon Mayer. The Mystery Men of Mars: Part 1--Adventures in the Unknown, script by Carl H. Claudy, art by Stan Aschmeier. House ad for the 1st issue of Movie Comics, complete with cover which has an illustration from the film starring Jackie Cooper, Scouts to the Rescue.

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