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Read Cursed comic online

Cursed Comic

Cursed Comic
Name: Cursed
Alternate Name: Cursed 2003
Year of Release: 2003
Author: Fiona Avery
Views: 0

Read Cursed Comic Online

Journalist Shan Beaumont has always relied on her almost eerie sense of intuition. Its a power her father says comes from an Egyptian curse--the same curse that drove him insane. When a ritualistically mutilated body is found, he gives Shan a fragment of the Osiris Amulet and warns her of a coming darkness. With friend and photographer Winston MacGregor, Shan confronts suspect Victor Hahn in Germany. Hes planning more than murder and Shan is hit by a horrifying vision of the future: Mummified men walk again with their hearts removed. Even Cleopatra shows up to see if its true.

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