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Read DC Comics Presents comic online

DC Comics Presents Comic

DC Comics Presents Comic
Name: DC Comics Presents
Alternate Name: DC Comics Presents 1986
Year of Release: 1986
Author: Martin Pasko
Views: 4774

Read DC Comics Presents Comic Online

From their respective cities, Superman and the Flash race to the city of Rosemont, to investigate a downed alien spacecraft. Inexplicably, Superman arrives ahead of the Fastest Man Alive. Scanning the craft with his microscopic vision, Superman is shocked at what he sees. Suddenly the Man of Steel is caught in a vibratory beam, projected from outer space, that threatens to shake him violently apart. As the beam reaches the crash site, the alien craft explodes. The beam continues on into Rosemont, where the Flash is on hand to witness the towns populace being shunted into another dimension, as the beam sweeps over them. While Superman ushers the townsfolk to safety, the Flash uses his super-speed to set up a counter vibrational frequency that blocks the beam. Superman tracks the beam to its origin point, an alien warship in Earths orbit. Once again, Superman sweeps the ship with his microscopic vision, discovering the same uncanny truth. The alien ships are composed of living cells, and are, in effect, alive. Back in Rosemont, the Flash runs afoul of a second beam from space. This one englobes him in a force bubble, that then carries him into orbit. The warship opens fire on a second alien vessel, also in Earth orbit. Superman blocks the shot. A view screen forms on the outer hull of the warship. Superman is ordered to stand down, then directed to behold the abducted Flash, rising towards the ship. Thus distracted by his friends peril, Superman, too, is englobed in a force sphere. Both heroes are brought aboard the warship, and imprisoned in cells specifically designed to thwart their super-powers.

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