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Four Color Comics Comic

Four Color Comics Comic
Name: Four Color Comics
Alternate Name: Four Color Comics 1962
Year of Release: 1962
Status: Completed
Author: Harold Gray
Genre: Literature, Martial Arts

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Indicia title is LITTLE JOE, No. 1. Don Jose; Don Jose builds a hacienda on a mesa and tries to use his band of bandits to force Little Joe and his family off their ranch. Black Jack Smith; An outlaw with a heart of gold escapes from a posse by hiding at the Oaks ranch. The Sheep Herders; Utah and Little Joe run off ornery sheep herders who have brought their sheep to the valley. Farmers, Eutopia, and Dust Storms; Conman Blurb sells claims on free range land in the valley to farmers who establish the village of Eutopia

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