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Read Kid Colt Outlaw comic online

Kid Colt Outlaw Comic

Kid Colt Outlaw Comic
Name: Kid Colt Outlaw
Alternate Name: Kid Colt Outlaw 1979
Year of Release: 1979
Author: Various
Views: 6421

Read Kid Colt Outlaw Comic Online

Kid Colt was a Western comic book character dating back to 1948, where he made his first appearance in the comic series Kid Colt: Hero of the West. However, aforementioned series didnt last too long, at least not under its original title as it changed the name of the comic after issue four (although the covers had already begun the name change with issue three). This new title was, Kid Colt: Outlaw which is what it continued to be three full decades until the series finally came to a close after a two hundred and twenty-nine issue run. That makes Kid Colt the longest-running cowboy star in an American published comic-book , featured in stories for a 31-year stretch from 1948-1979, though from 1966 most of the published stories were reprints.

Kid Colt Outlaw Issues List
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