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Read Legion of Super-Heroes (1980) comic online

Legion of Super-Heroes (1980) Comic

Legion of Super-Heroes (1980) Comic
Name: Legion of Super-Heroes (1980)
Alternate Name: Legion of Super-Heroes (1980) 1984
Year of Release: 1984
Author: Gerry Conway
Views: 4089

Read Legion of Super-Heroes (1980) Comic Online

The Legion of Super-Heroes fight the Psycho Warrior, a mentally unstable man who feels grief and guilt over the loss of his love. Superboy is able to stop Psycho Warrior, but not before he is reminded of the death of his parents and shown how they died. Superboy goes back in the past to his normal time and Saturn Girl gives him a mental hypnotic suggestion to remain in the past so he wont have to endure the loss of his parents and be constantly reminded of it or be tempted to change it

Legion of Super-Heroes (1980) Issues List
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