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Read Nosferatu Wars comic online

Nosferatu Wars Comic

Nosferatu Wars Comic
Name: Nosferatu Wars
Alternate Name: Nosferatu Wars 2014
Year of Release: 2014
Author: Steve Niles
Views: 269

Read Nosferatu Wars Comic Online

If the undead have glory days, then the Black Plague was the era they never could have imagined. No longer hunted, no longer suspected, the vampires ran, exempt from fear. They were free to playuntil the night the vampires turned against each other. Collects all four _Dark Horse Presents_ installments! * Written by Steve Niles (_Breath of Bones_, _30 Days of Night_, _Criminal Macabre_)! * Art by menton3 (_Monocyte_, _Transfusion_, _The Dunwich Horror_)!

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