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Read Plastic Man (1943) comic online

Plastic Man (1943) Comic

Plastic Man (1943) Comic
Name: Plastic Man (1943)
Alternate Name: Plastic Man (1943) 1956
Year of Release: 1956
Author: Jack Cole
Views: 2187

Read Plastic Man (1943) Comic Online

Starting in Police Comics # 1 and drawn and written by Jack Cole, Plastic-Man soon became one of Quality Comics most popular character, so it was not long before he was given his own, at first, quarterly book.
With more room Cole was able to express even more freedom and originality.
This came to an end when, for no discernable reason, Cole was abruptly, in one of the more famous acts of comic business treachery, was taken off his creation and then fired from Quality.
It's said Cole wept openly.
Plastic-Man was then given to a diverse group of other hands with much of the writing being done by Chuck Cuidera, and art by Alex Kotzky, Andre le Blanc, and Dick Dillin.
All of whom did their best to carry on the style of the original stories, but were never a match for Cole.
By the time the series ended in the 50's in issue 64 with artwork by Dick Dillin,  Quality had managed to do what should have been impossible, they made Plastic-Man stiff.

Plastic Man (1943) Issues List
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