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Tailgunner Jo

Tailgunner Jo

Tailgunner Jo
Name: Tailgunner Jo
Alternate Name: Tailgunner Jo 1988
Year of Release: 1988
Author: Peter B. Gillis
Views: 1488
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Cyborg battles. Deadly market research. Strange strategic planning. These are all part of the world of Tailgunner Jo. In a future time, the corporate world is going to go to war and they''re going to start coming for your well as your minds. Take the case of Jo, a young girl whose father has been transformed into a cyborg. Now it''s her turn, implanted as a tailgunner onto her cyborg father by Telemechus, the corporation that then took away her mother. She is forced to live in two worlds: one is an Alice in Wonderland-style fantasy realm, in which she''s a fairy-tale princess within her father''s brain. The other world is the harsh reality of savage corporate warfare - warfare that''s destroying his mind.

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