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The Eagles of Rome

The Eagles of Rome

The Eagles of Rome
Name: The Eagles of Rome
Alternate Name: The Eagles of Rome 2015
Year of Release: 2015
Author: Enrico Marini
Views: 5837
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The strategic general Drusus is entrusted with the mission of bringing the indomitable barbarians of Germania under the Roman Empires control. Once the battle is won, Prince Sigmar offers his son, Arminius, as a hostage to the Romans. Caesar consigns the education of the young barbarian to one of his most trusted companions, Titus Valerius Falco. Titus has a son of the same age as Arminius, an unruly young man called Marcus, also in need of an education worthy of his name. Together, these two budding soldiers go through full training, and are time and again subjected to the steely discipline and harsh tests of their tutor, an ex-legionary. Through these trying experiences, the insolent young Roman and the hot-headed German gradually transform their reciprocal hatred into a strong friendship... especially as they begin to discover the irresistible charms of their various female contemporaries...

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