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The Witching Hour (1969)

The Witching Hour (1969)

The Witching Hour (1969)
Name: The Witching Hour (1969)
Alternate Name: The Witching Hour (1969) 1978
Year of Release: 1978
Author: Alex Toth
Views: 21225
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During DC''s latest foray into the horror / mystery arena, editor Dick Giordano conjured up a triumverate of witches to host an anthology series produced by some of comics'' biggest names. In this first issue, writer / artist Alex Toth provided a framing sequence (with an epilogue drawn by Neal Adams) that introduced readers to the cronish Mordred, motherly Mildred and beautiful Maiden Cynthia - as well as their bumbling pet zombie, Egor. Each witch then brewed a potent blend of horror and dark humor crafted by Toth, writer Denny O''Neil and artists Pat Boyette and Jack Sparling. It was an effective spell that would entrance a loyal audience long into the next decade.

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