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Read X-Men: The Shattering comic online

X-Men: The Shattering Comic

X-Men: The Shattering Comic
Name: X-Men: The Shattering
Alternate Name: X-Men: The Shattering 2009
Year of Release: 2009
Author: Various
Views: 128

Read X-Men: The Shattering Comic Online

The X-Men have stayed together in the face of countless threats, but what happens when the teams leader simply disbands it? Marvels mightiest mutant mind snaps the team into pieces - but an unholy alliance of ancient and alien evils isnt calling it quits, so neither will the X-Men! Plus: Colossus and Marrow face a shared friend and foe, Rogue discovers the Destiny Journals, and Wolverine stares Death in the face - but which is which? Also featuring Cannonball, Moonstar, Nate Grey the X-Man, and more!

X-Men: The Shattering Issues List
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