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Zombie (1973)

Zombie (1973)

Zombie (1973)
Name: Zombie (1973)
Alternate Name: Tales of the Zombie
Year of Release: 1975
Author: Steve Gerber
Views: 2238
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The Zombie (Simon William Garth) is a fictional supernatural character in the Marvel Comics universe, who starred in the black and white, horror comic magazine series Tales of the Zombie (1973-1975) in stories mostly by Steve Gerber and Pablo Marcos. The character had originated 20 years earlier in the standalone story Zombie by Stan Lee and Bill Everett, published in the horror anthology comic book Menace #5 (July 1953) from Marvel forerunner Atlas Comics.
As Lee had done years before in reviving Henry Pym from a standalone science fiction story to become the superhero Ant-Man, then editor in chief Roy Thomas likewise plucked a character from, in this case, a pre-Comics Code horror tale. The initial modern story, co-scripted by Thomas and Steve Gerber and drawn by John Buscema and Tom Palmer, was a 12 page tale that led into a seven page reprint of the 1950s story (with the art slightly altered to give the Zombie shoulder-length rather than short hair). That original story was also reprinted in 1975s Tales of the Zombie Annual #1, and again two decades later in Curse of the Weird #4 (March 1994), the final issue of a short-lived Marvel horror reprint series...

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